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Site Map

Here is an outline of the organizational structure of the Peyronie's Disease Society web site.  It provides a link to all our website pages.  You can go directly to any of these pages just by clicking on the page name below.


Home Page -The Peyronies Disease Society's home page

            Peyronie's Disease Forum  - A forum providing help and support to Peyronies
            Disease patients and partners.  It features a private section just for women.  

            Women's Forum - A page explaining the need and the purpose for our women's
            Peyronies Disease forum

            Disease Overview - A brief overview explaining Peyronies Disease, symptoms,
            and impact

                         Glossary - Peyronies Disease terms, abbreviations, and jargon explained

                                Intimacy - An examination of the issues and solutions dealing with

            Treatment Options - What are the factors to be considered when choosing a
            treatment for Peyronies Disease.

                        Traditional - Educational information on traditional treatments for
                                               Peyronies Disease

                        Non-Traditional - Educational information on non-traditional treatments
                                                       for Peyronies Disease

                        Alternative - Educational information on alternative treatments
                                               for Peyronies Disease

                        Weighing the Evidence - Guidance on how to weigh the evidence on
                                                                    issues ranging fro, Peyronies Disease to

            For Professionals - The Peyronies Disease Society's policy and goals on working
            with doctors, researchers, pharmaceutical companies,  and other professionals.

             News - Peyronies Disease issues in the news.  Also, new additions to our site.

             Advocacy/ Awareness - Issues facing the Peyronie's Disease community in
             promoting awareness and how awareness impacts research and treatments.

             Surveys - Surveys on aspects of Peyronies treatments and other issues often
             not available to patients and professionals.

                              Assisting the PDS  - an active Survey on individuals willingness to help the
                                                          PDS achieve our mission.                              

                              Topical Verapamil - Survey on the effectiveness of trans-dermal (topical)

                              Verapamil Injections - Survey on the effectiveness verapamil injections.

             About Us - Who we are and why we built this organization and site.

             Contact Us - Various methods on contacting officials with our society

             Links - Doctors and other Peyronies Disease related links


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